Source Radiance Academy

源性能量調頻 讓你生命運籌帷幔

調頻心態 決定命運
調頻角度 決定境界
調頻氣度 決定格局
調頻態度 決定一切
調頻高度 決定視野
調頻光度 決定大道
調頻精神境界 決定智慧與盛載

Tuning the Essence Energy orchestrates the trajectory of your life.

Tuning the mindset determines destiny.
Tuning the perspective determines the realm.
Tuning the demeanor determines the pattern.
Tuning the attitude determines everything.
Tuning the altitude determines the vision.
Tuning the luminosity determines the path.
Tuning the spiritual state determines wisdom and abundance.


源性之愛 心流世間

“This is a journey that every noble life must go through,
Nobility is the essence of life, unrelated to status, appearance, background...
It originates from the cosmic essence, connects with the cosmic essence, and nourishes the cosmic essence...
I am one with the essence of the universe and all its creations, living out the complete essence of everything,
Life is the sacred journey of rediscovering my essence!
The love of the essence flows through the world
THIS is the starting point…”